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Solihull is the home of The Hampton Fitness & Health Centre, which offers fitness classes, personal training and tailored programmes to help you achieve your fitness goals.

With members from all across Solihull and the surrounding areas, it’s one of the most popular gyms in the region.

Many members enjoy the gym environment so much more because they can meet and catch-up with other like-minded individuals and make friends there, knowing it’s not a huge corporate entity that often swallows up an individual causing them to miss out on that camaraderie and companionship that only The Hampton staff and members deliver.


If you are intent of toning or body-weighted programmes, this gym will suit you as we have a number of different areas and trainers who can help define a programme to suit your individual needs.

Likewise, if weight-loss is a primary objective, we have exercise-supported nutrition plans and advice to help you achieve your target weight. If increased fitness and stamina building is your driving force, this gym in Solihull has a brilliant group personal training programme providing multiple High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes each week, giving that added encouragement and expertise to your personal fitness goals.

These members can receive additional discounts and perks within this coveted membership so it’s one to further explore to get you fitness ready.

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