Meet the Team

Rosie Collier

Rosie is a caring and non-judgmental coach with a passion for helping women build a healthy lifestyle in a sustainable way. She is a qualified evidence based nutrition coach and personal trainer and has completed further specialist training in menopause.

Rosie is not from a sporting background and has experience of feeling poor self-esteem, stress, struggles with weight gain and failed dieting and can relate with compassion to how this feels. Her own journey is a great example of how strength training is for everyone and that good nutrition and fitness can be empowering and life-changing both physically and mentally. Her approach to nutrition is fad-free, balanced and manageable and she loves to see her clients flourishing and getting results both in how they feel and in body composition.

She believes in practising self-compassion and not comparing yourself to others – it’s all about being and feeling the best you can and this looks different for everyone.

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