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    What our members say

    Day 10 and I can honestly say, at 62 years of age, joining the Hampton 10-day fat loss programme this is the best decision I have made for a long time. Having been a yo-yo dieter and emotional eater for longer than I can remember, I reached the point where my mental health was at an all-time low and my weight had reached an all-time high. I turned to the Hampton, for help and was advised about this programme. The initial consultation with Gareth was so motivating, reinforcing the need to combine regular nutritious meals with exercise, whilst breaking a pattern of unhealthy choices.  Together, on a zoom call, we developed a clear, focused 10 day eating and exercise plan. Being fearful of my ability to exercise, given my medical history, the initial talk, convinced me this was something I could achieve, with a bit of self-discipline and plenty of support on hand. Unlike more traditional slimming clubs, I did not have to share my start weight (196lb) and for the first time in my life I measured my stomach, which at the time, only 10 days ago, looked like I was pregnant!

    The food, collected every few days, from Adam at Hampton in Arden, Corner Shop was tasty, varied, and nutritionally well-balanced. The main meals included chicken, salmon, vegetarian, pulled pork, and even curry. They were smaller portions than I was used to, which made me realise how much I had been overeating but they were still enough to fill me up. The lunches were mainly soup or an amazing salad, sometimes I could not even eat it all. The food is supplied in hygienic containers, microwavable in four minutes, and was a timely reminder, that it is possible to make healthy choices without being hungry.  Adam was supportive, making meals that suited my preference. It felt lazy having the three meals sorted, but took the pressure off for the kick start, leaving no excuse to make unhealthy choices.  It was really helpful to create a routine that I can use to plan going forwards, and to break my unhealthy habits, including not eating breakfast – ever, and TV dinners. I will continue to buy some meals, as well as cooking using similar food groups and portions. 
    Financially, I made savings on takeaways, alcohol and chocolate. Compared to the weekly shopping bill, and price of meals out, prior to lockdown, the meals were really good value, and more than justified the expenditure.

    The exercise started off as a bit of a struggle. Day 1, I was hot, breathless and feeling really fat and hopeless, but day 10, I feel energised and my mental health is better. I added some personal training sessions in as well, which were superb. The mental wellbeing benefits were the most important for me. Sometimes I’d be at rock bottom before the session, and then after the training session, sooo much better.  Using the GymSync app has been a godsend, preferring online zoom to groups as it fits in with my lifestyle. I’ve loved the fact I can adapt to my ability and not felt unfit compared to others. Just taking a few days at a time has been so beneficial.

    Most challenging, at the start, was starting to eat breakfast, not eating in front of the television, no-takeaways, avoiding sugary foods, and limiting coffee to twice a day, but after the first 4 days these went out of my mind.

    There were some aches and pains, (which Gareth tired to convince me are a good thing) some headaches from lack of caffeine and sugar, and I hate to admit, I went off the plan twice and ate a chocolate bar. Overall, this was a short sharp kick and supported be refocus my mindset and make the changes, and with the support available when needed.  I’m excited, my goal was 4lb in 10 days. I feel so much more toned and unbelievably am 188.5lb. So now I am ready to aim for the 180lb and so on over the coming month. In 10 days, I am trimmer, lighter, more energised and determined to continue a healthier path. I will never ‘diet’ again, but I will sustain this ten day challenge, with an occasional rest day, until I reach my goal, and by that time, it will be a way of life – it already is. Thanks to everyone for being there during these challenging times and supporting me, ‘on tap’. Hope you can to open again before too much longer.

    Caroline Jones – 10 Day Fat Loss Programme

    “The Hampton is the friendliest, welcoming health club for people of all ages and abilities to keep fit, exercise or participate in fitness classes. A comprehensive range of health practitioners offer an extra dimension at the club for the wellbeing benefit of the members. The Hampton is a great place for everyone to ENJOY exercise and maintain one’s feeling good about oneself whilst contributing to the fun and sociable atmosphere that is so unique. I love it. Such fun!”

    Philip Clover – Gym Member

    “I’ve been a member of The Hampton for just over 12 months and shortly after joining started having personal training sessions with Gareth. The sessions have provided the best motivation throughout this time helping me to set goals and really push myself much further than I would have on my own. Gareth has taught me a lot of exercises and techniques which I can now do on my own as well. Overall the results have been really amazing as I’ve successfully lost weight, become a lot healthier and really enjoyed it!”

    Kate Green – 23 years old – Personal Training Client