Solihull Fitness Classes


At The Hampton Health & Fitness Club we provide a comprehensive range of classes suitable for all fitness levels. Choose from early morning energy boosters to late evening relaxation, we have classes on throughout the day at a time that suits everyone. Our studio timetable includes the following classes. Available to members or Pay As You Go customers.


Bootcamp Express

A high-intensity, full-body workout that will leave you feeling energized and accomplished.


Fitness Pilates

Controlled movements to engage mind and body in developing strong, flexible muscles.


Hampton HIIT

Designed to get your heart pumping, your muscles burning, and your body sweating!


Hampton Pump

A mix of weights and resistance training to help increase strength and endurance. 


Step Class

A combination of cardio and strength training, making it a highly effective workout.


A supportive and welcoming environment that is suitable for students of all levels.

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